How to fix a brother printer that wont print Guide In 2020 Guide For 2020]

How to fix a brother printer that wont print

If you are using Brother printer and if you would find your brother Printer Scanner not working, the first thing that comes is your mind is, “ Why will my printer print, but not scan?” and after recognizing the issue you might be looking for, “how to fix a brother printer that wont print?” There could be several reasons behind your printer is not scanning and also multiple solutions are available to troubleshoot your brother printer scanner issues.

Brother printer is the most popular brand of printer which provides you not only printing service, but also copy, scan, and fix. The reason behind its popularity is; it is the most reliable, space-saving, functional, desk-friendly printer. No doubt, the brother printer is a good service provider, but sometimes a few factors affect its working and it depends on how you handle it.

How To Fix A Brother Printer That Wont PrintTips For How To Fix A Brother Printer That Wont Print – In 2020

Like any other issue of the printer; Brother printer scanning issue is also normal, you would be easily able to fix it manually. So, don’t need to be worry, because resolving scanning issues of your brother printer is not much difficult, you just need a proper guide in a stepwise solution form and you can do it manually by yourself.

Here we are described a few solutions to fix the brother printer won’t scan issues. Try these solutions one by one and fix your brother printer scanner problem freely. So, just take a boo at the described points.

Solution 1: Check the power of your machine

The first thing that you should do, check the power of your machine because it its power is off how can it would be able to perform work. Connection establishment of your brother printer with a power supply is very important. To know how you would check the power connector of your printer, you need to follow the below-described steps or procedures.

      • Step 1: First, you need power on your brother printer, after turning on the power of the printer, if still, its LCD display is blank, that means it is in sleeping mode or off.
      • Step 2: Now, you need to check does the power cable of your printer is, plugged in the power outlet. If it is doesn’t then plugged it in the power outlet.
      • Step 3: Now, turn on the power switches of your power supply outlet.
      • Step 4: Check the LCD display, and it starts performing well.

By establishing the power of your machine, you will find that your printer scanner is performing well. But, if after connected to the power supply, its LCD display shows an error message like toner empty, paper jam or any other specific error message then you need to troubleshoot it, to make your printer scanner in workable condition.

Solution 2: Check the IP address

In terms of resolving the scanner issue of your brother printer, IP address is the major thing that we can’t neglect because sometimes the IP address factor is responsible for this problem. Whenever you have found that your brother printer is not scanning then you need to obtain its IP address by printing a network configuration list. It is applicable because it prints the report of all current network configuration, and as well as network print server settings. Follow these steps to print the network configuration settings.

      • Step 1: On your brother printer, press Menu.
      • Step 2: Now, select Print reports>> Network Config.
      • Step 3: Press Ok.
      • Step 4: Press Black (Mono) Start or Color Start or Start a then Press Stop/Exit.

By following these steps you will be able to get the list of configuration IP addresses, If your IP address will be display then try this procedure again after few minutes.

Solution 3: Set the IP address on scanner drivers

If you have already checked the IP address and print its network configuration setting, but still you are unable to recover the scanner print problem then an alternative method related to IP address is; Set the IP address on scanner drivers. You can try this method for resolving this issue. Follow the steps to resolve this issue.

        • Step 1: Click on Start>>Control panel.
        • Step 2: Now, search in a search box “Scanner”.
        • Step 3: Click on “View Scanners and cameras”.
        • Step 4: Choose your Scanner and click on the Properties button.
        • Step 5: Now, you can get U” ser Account Control screen”, click “Continue or Yes”.
        • Step 6: Enter the admin password and click OK or Yes.
        • Step 7: It’s time to click on the Network setting tab and select “Specify your machine by address”.
        • Step 8: Enter your confirmed IP address, and at last click on OK.

Solution 4: Check the printer is available to print or not

Those who are wondering a solution for,” how do I enable brother printer scanner not working”? 

Checking your printer availability is an effective solution for it. To do this process, you need to open your printer Properties and here you need to configuration ports and hardware related customization by selection an option that is, how to operate the printer. To complete this procedure follow these steps.

      • Step 1: Click on the Start button on your windows and select Control Panel.
      • Step 2: Click on Hardware and sounds>> Device and Printers.
      • Step 3: Select “Printer properties” by right click on your Brother printer.
      • Step 4: Now, check the availability of your printer by printing a test page.

Solution 5: Check brother printer Scanner Drivers

Sometimes, the brother printer scanner trouble can occur cause scanner drivers. You need to check appropriately the scanners of your brother printer, if you will not find any scanner drivers on your windows then you need to download and install scanner drivers on your Pc. In case of any error, you can reinstall it again. 

Follow these steps for checking your scanner drivers.

      • Step 1: Click on Start>> Control panel to open the scanner list.
      • Step 2: Open search box and type in its “Scanner” and search for it.
      • Step 3: Click on View “Scanners and Cameras”.
      • Step 4: Now check does the scanner icon of your brother printer exists, if it doesn’t then install the scanner drivers.
      • Step 5: Go on, the official website of the brother printer and go into the Downloads section.
      • Step 6: Download “Full Drivers and Software package” and after downloading it follow all the display instructions for installing it in your system.  

So, after downloading and installing the scanner driver on your system, you would be able to access the proper working of your brother printer scanners.

Solution 6: Ensure the control center is running:

Your windows control center is not running would be the reason behind, “Why my brother printer scanner is not working?” Because your control center has the ability to manage all the hardware & software, changing accessibility options, user accounts, and many more. If it stops working it can affect the working of your brother printer scanner. So, you need to ensure about your control center running procedure. Follow these steps to ensure about it.

      • Step 1: Click on the Start of your windows and select All Apps.
      • Step 2: Click on Brother and then select Brother Utilities.
      • Step 3: Select Control Center.
      • Step 4: Now, try scanning again from the printer’s button, and if it doesn’t work try the next solution.
      • Step 5: Now, you need to check, ports are correctly configured and scanner drivers are installed properly.
      • Step 6: Now, open Scanner Properties, then click on the Network setting tab under network scanner properties dialog box.
      • Step 7: Now, choose “Specify your machine by the name” or “Specify your machine by address”.  

If you will choose the machine by name then, enter the node name in Node box and then Click on Browse option, and then you need to select the brother printer and at last click on OK. After doing that click on Apply >>Ok >> Exit.

If you will choose the machine by address then enter the printer’s IP address, then click on Apply>> Ok.

After following these steps, you would be able to run your control center properly and your control center is running properly means your brother printer scanner working efficiency will be increased.

Solution 7: Check Firewall setting

You need to check your Firewall setting to fix the brother printer scanner because Firewall or any other security software can affect your brother printer scanner working. It may also block or reject your network connection which is required to your software scanner so that it would be work properly.

To make your working scanner working process smoother you need to disable your firewall and scan it again. Follow these steps, to disable your firewall setting.

        • Step 1: Go into your Control panel and select “System and Security.”
        • Step 2: Click on Windows Firewall then select “Network and Sharing Centre.”
        • Step 3: In the “View your active networks” section check “Your network location”.
        • Step 4: Now, go back to your Control panel and click on “Window Firewall”.
        • Step 5: It’s time to select “Turn Windows Firewall On or Off”.
        • Step 6: Now, you need to select the “Turn off Windows Firewall for your network location.”
        • Step 7: Click on Ok.
        • Step 8: After a network operation, Re-enable your firewall.

If you want to enable your firewall then you need to do one more thing; you need to adjust the settings to leave the firewall enabled. To do this follow a few more steps that we described below.

      • Step 1: Go in to Start>> Control panel>> System and Security.
      • Step 2: Click on Windows Firewall and select “Network and Sharing center”.
      • Step 3: Now, you have to check the Network location in View your “Active network setting.”
      • Step 4: Turn back towards your Control Panel and click on Windows Firewall>> Advanced Settings.
      • Step 5: Select “Inbound Rules” and then Click on “New rules.”
      • Step 6: Click on “Port” and then “Next.”
      • Step 7: Select “UDP, Specific local ports” and Enter “54925” in the box and then click Next.
      • Step 8: Now, you have to choose “Allow the connection” and after that click on “Next.”
      • Step 9: Click on Next, after checking the profile for “Your network location.”
      • Step 10: In the Name box, enter any description and click Finish.
      • Step 11: Check the new setting has been added or not.

These following steps are helpful for you, but if you will find that after following all of the above steps your brother printer won’t scan, then you need to go for further described steps.

        • Step 1: Go into your Control panel.
        • Step 2: Select “System and security” and click on “Windows Firewall”, now select “Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall.”
        • Step 3: Click on “Change Settings” and check “Files and printer sharing” for your network location.
        • Step 4: click on Ok.

At last to ensure the scanning of your brother printer, try scanning again. This method will work and you will be easily able to do your printing process.

Solution 8: Check the Network Connection

Check the network connection is also a valuable technique for troubleshooting the error of your brother printer scanner. In this fixing technique, you need to ensure or configure your brother printer in the peer-to-peer networking environment.

  • However, in a network shared environment, the scanning features are only able to perform work from a server Pc, If you tried to perform scanning on from the client’s PC, then it won’t be able to do it.
  • When you have found your issues are fixed then you need to ensure about brother printer scanner working by performing a scanning testing of a paper.

Those who are working with brother printer and fedup with the brother printer scanner not working problem, now they don’t need to wait longer for finding the solution for, “Brother printer scanner won’t scan any document?” Because the above-described fixes are very helpful in fixing the problem of brother printer scanner.

Try each fixes one by one until you resolve the problem completely. I hope you would implement this suggestion whenever the brother printer scanner issue will occur.


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