Best Drawing Tablet for Beginners In 2020 – Our Most Recommended Graphics Tablets

Best Drawing Tablet for Beginners

The Best Drawing Tablet for Beginners or a good quality drawing tablet is essential if you want to make your mark in the world of digital painting. But being a beginner, you might feel wary about spending too much on a costly drawing tablet. Don’t worry, we have all been there. 

We understand your concern and that is why we have undertaken the laborious task of skimming through some of the best ones that you can purchase. And after much research, we have come up with the ten best drawing tablets for beginners. These gadgets cover all your needs and come at a pretty reasonable price. 

Check them out! 

Top 10 Best Drawing Tablet for Beginners: 2020

Zodo Electronic Drawing Tablet

Zodo 8. 5 inch LCD E-Writer Electronic Writing Pad/Tablet Drawing BoardIf you are a beginner searching for your first digital painting equipment, you cannot do better than the Zodo drawing tablet.

It is lauded by the users and is perhaps the cheapest drawing tablet out there of quality. 

It is an 8.5 inches LCD drawing tablet that comes included with a stylus.

It is a simplistic design that has the basics covered. This drawing tablet features an erase lock that prevents accidental erasing. The battery lasts fairly long.Overall, it exhibits good quality and offers you way more than the worth of your money. 

  • The simplistic design is easy to handle
  • Does not heat up
  • Long battery life
  • Screen brightness is slightly low

Wacom One Graphic tablet

Wacom One by CTL-472/K0-CX Small 6-inch x 3.5-inch Graphic TabletThe Wacom One is a much-celebrated graphic tablet that beginners, as well as experienced digital painters and designers, love.

This small size graphic tablet is the best for beginners who show a zeal for digital painting. 

The dimension of this graphic tablet is 6×3.5 inches. Granted, it does not offer you a large space for moving your stylus, but for a beginner, this one is more than what you would need. It is compatible with Windows 7 or above versions and iOS. 

The 2048 pressure sensitivity of the pen lets you touch those nuances that are necessary to paint a masterpiece. It has a USB Type-A port and you will need internet access to download the driver. 

  • 2048 pressure sensitivity
  • Cordless 
  • Batteryless
  • Size is a bit small

VEIKK A15 Graphics Drawing Tablet Pen Tablet

VEIKK A15 Graphics Drawing TabletIt is a mid-range drawing tablet with three USB ports and twelve express keys for better customizability.

It is a battery-less drawing tablet that lets you drink into your passion for drawing in an uninterrupted manner. 

This is one of the best drawing tablets as its 8198-pressure sensitivity lets you put down your thoughts and ideas in the form of drawing. It works with every popular software like illustrator, photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, Sai, etc. This tablet is compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, Mac OS X10.10, or later. 

  • High-pressure sensitivity
  • Twelve express keys
  • Batteryless operations
  • Includes an artist glove, passive pen, and 20 nibs
  • Price is slightly higher

Microsoft Surface Go MHN-00015 Drawing Tablet

Microsoft Surface Go MHN-00015 10 inch Touchscreen 2-in-1 LaptopThis product is particularly for ones who are searching for the best windows drawing tablet for beginners.

Albeit this product is priced higher, but it serves as a 2-in-1 gadget. You get a mini laptop and a drawing tablet as well.

Just set it to ‘Studio Mode’ and draw your thoughts and ideas with a surface pen. 

It is a 10-inch drawing tablet with installed Windows 10 S OS. This tablet has 128 GB of storage and a battery life of 9 hours. 

  • Can serve as a laptop and drawing tablet
  • Large internal storage
  • Battery life is not great

Wacom Bamboo Slate 

Wacom Bamboo Slate Smartpad Digital NotebookLooking for the best drawing tablet for beginners that is compatible with iOS?

Then the Wacom Bamboo Slate should be your choice. It is an 8-inch-long device with a unique design. 

This drawing tablet has a paging system that gives you the old school feeling of drawing on a paper. After you finish with your design, just save and turn onto the next page. You can save and export your creations in JPG, PDF, SVG, and PNG format. 

  • Unique design
  • Saves in various formats
  • Compatible with iOS
  • Might incur a problem with saving

Huion Inspiroy H640P

Huion Inspiroy H640P Graphics Drawing TabletBeginners who were searching for the best drawing tablet for their Android system can consider this product.

It is a relatively smaller tablet with the dimensions of 6.3 x 3.9 inches and is compatible with Android 6.0 and above. 

8192 pressure sensitivity ensures precision and accuracy, while the top graded material coating gives this lightweight tablet durability. 

  • Lightweight
  • Cost-effective
  • High precision and accuracy
  • Small in size

HUION HS64 Graphics Drawing Tablet

2019 HUION HS64 Drawing TabletIf you are looking for the best drawing tablet for beginners that is compatible with your macOS system, then you can get home the HUION HS64.

It is a terrific little graphic tablet that functions similar to the Wacom One. 

However, its pressure sensitivity of 8192 is much higher than the Wacom One.

It is ultra-responsive with a 10mm sensing height and is equipped with 266PPS lag-free report rate for a better drawing experience. 

  • Superior build and features
  • High-pressure sensitivity
  • Four customizable express keys
  • Feel of the buttons could be better

XP-Pen StarG430S Graphics Drawing Tablet 

XP-Pen StarG430S Graphics Drawing Tablet Signature Tablet Pen Tablet The S-Pen StarG430S drawing tablet is another cost-effective option that encourages aspiring digital artists to dream on.

It comes with 819-level pf pen pressure and is also equipped with a 266rps report rate.

This gadget is compatible with mac and windows, with an active area of 4×3 inches. 

  • Highly cost-effective
  • 266rps report rate
  • Lacks express buttons

Wacom Intuos Pro Pen and Touch Small Tablet

Wacom Intuos Pro Pen and Touch Small Tablet If you want to start off strong, then having one of the best digital drawing gadgets is imperative.

Although the cost of the Wacom Intuos is higher than many of the products listed, it is a class apart in its category. 

This drawing tablet is compatible with windows vista and above versions and macOS. The active area is 6.2×3.9 inches. It is a cordless, battery-free drawing tablet that allows beginners, intermediates, and pros to draw the best of designs. Pressure sensitivity is 248. 

  • Multiple customizable buttons
  • Ergonomic design
  • A good degree of accuracy
  • USB cable connection is flimsy

Huion 4 OSU Drawing Tablet

Huion 4 x 2.23 Inches OSU Tablet Graphics Drawing Pen TabletThis is one of the best drawing tablets for beginners with over a thousand positive reviews on Amazon.

The Huion 4 is reasonably priced with a dimension of 7×4.5 inches.

It is excellent for casual artwork and is very portable. This tablet requires 1 AAA battery to function. 

  • Compact and portable
  • Great for casual artwork
  • Operation requires battery


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