Best Android Adventure Games For Android Device In 2020 [Expert Picks]

best android adventure games

Best android adventure games for android are trending these days. It does not define a specific category in which includes broad genres. In a busy life, everyone wants a fun, enjoyable and entertaining. Gaming is the best option to relax your mind.

Smartphones are 90% used in the world. It is a significant source of entertainment. Different sources use for entertainment such as gaming, use social media, and photography, etc.-

Best adventure android games primarily refer to the smartphone for playing games. Mostly peop[le like adventure game as compared to action games.

The best adventure game can easily download in 100 MB, which is not overload for any device.

10 best android adventure games Without Internet 


EvolandEvoland is the best Action android/ios adventure game whose graphics and performance give high-level progress. Which include 2D Action, 3D fighter, and more others.

It is the concept of tracing video games. Evoland was first released at 10$ on in 2013. After two years, this game is available in the play store and IOS app for 4.99$.

The Evoland best adventure game takes you through a history of action-adventure games. You can start with a 2D character. 

    • You can unlock 3D characters with your progress.
    • Its storyline is quite short.
    • It does not include any adds.
    • Evoland takes trending 3D graphics.

Broken age

Broken ageBroken game is a free adventure video game that is developed in 2014 and released all platforms such as windows MAC, Linux, Android, etc.

Players controlled different characters with a moving screen. It is base on two popular acts in which broken age act 1 & broken age act 2.

The free adventure games feature is here with 2D. Broken age includes a new feature in coming-of-age. Players can quickly move on to other characters and protect their own lives.

Past few years no game developed which is full of entertainment and related to broken age.

  • Here we tell you about defective age act 1;
    • The game story around on a small valley,
    • A girl, sacrificed by her fantasy village and shy,
    • The main characteristic of broken age act 1 is that character can switch quickly,
    • And hand-painted work.
  • Act 2;
    • Which not include severe moments but related to acting 1.
    • It is a defining story, but no finishes its end.
    • Kids handle everything in the best way.
    • She maintains his childlike curiosity & fun.

Ocean horn

Ocean hornThe Ocean horn is the best puzzle game. It is available in the play store. Ocean horn related to the Zelda setup.

Enemies count increase with gadgets. It’sIt’s style the same as the cartoony style. Ocean horn full game free android is available for download. Only the first chapter available for tests.

If you want still playing continue, you can buy and unlock new features. Download now from play store and keep enjoying.

    • Its story focus on master magic and swordfight.
    • Its background music inspired you.
    • 1 GB ram required this game for play.
    • Graphics settings feature dynamic in it.
    • You can change according to the requirement.

In which we take the role of a young boy who is sleep, and his father was gone. Boy can try to find and take help others. We can expand the island and aspire to new features.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon GoPokemon go for android phone release and the most profitable game in 2016.

This year it has been downloaded 500 million times in the world. Many interesting features add to this game.

    • Avatar based on geographical location.
    • You can search pokemon in worldwide.
    • The game is free to play.
    • You can purchase additional features if you want.                            
    • Childhood is a big fan of pokemon go for entertainment.
    • Pokemon Go android tablet friendly.
    • You have to complete in thrilling gym battles.
    • Your team must have strong to catch pokemon go.

Pokemon can download and install on the iPhone and iPad.If you want to download pokemon on an android phone and not available in your country, then you can follow some third party instruction on play store and download easily.


ODDMAROddmar is a free adventure android game. It is free available on the play store.

Now you can download it from the play store. It is base on 24 levels. Every level has a separate rating to maintain this reliability.

    • Its design is straightforward and easy to manage all functions.
    • New friends and enemies meet during gameplay. 
    • It is a charming platform from Leo’sLeo’s fortune.
    • Default controls for all these are lovely.
    • For jump on the right side, drag screen on the left side.
    • In which you can wall jump, attack, and perform downward shield.

Oddmar is an outstanding game starting level can achieve quickly, but as you go next level automatically, additional features add in this.

When you reached 24 level things hard, so much in this game and animated function increase due to the next level.

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3Real Racing 3 is a favorite game of boys. It is a racing game. It is free available on the play store. Two sequels of real racing are already possible.

The game is base on points. As a point, the whole next level starts automatically.

Real racing is a divide in multiple series. Currency type is exciting to feature in this game.

    • Gold, race dollars, and motorsports dollars use in it.
    • 2 GB required to install this setup on the play store.
    • Some exciting features include in this game,
    • which is currently working on which accelerator. 
    • The second feature is brake control during racing.
    • The Player uses this feature according to requirement.

Children like this game due to racing because its control work on the touchscreen and easily compete his enemy car.

Death city

Death cityDeath city in an adventure game. Its story is around on a man and city.

A man destroys all cities to protect yourself from everyone.


    • It is essential to focus on the map because you must observe which area of the city is more dangerous and need your help.
    • A considerable amount of weapons need you to defend yourself.
    • Other communities are helping you in this game to achieve your target.
    • Zombies are dangerous for this city,
    • so kill him very quickly to protect the community.

Many other elements are available for fast competition. Zombies’Zombies’ DNA is beneficial in finishing your war. Interact with other cities people, which is useful to your mission. 

Ice Age Adventure

Ice Age AdventureAn ice age adventure game is launch in the play store. It is base on animated animals.

Every little character has a good voice. Ice age adventure purpose is saving lots of animals’ lives.

    • Which uses different functions include tress, mushrooms, enemies, etc.
    • Different islands use here and have several buildings.
    • Play matches in different islands to save animals.
    • Rescuing animals, rebuild island build on animations.
    • 3D graphics used in the world of ICE age.
  • Save animals
    • Many animals found on the island.
    • It is in danger zone.
    • Animals cam in building and plot houses.
    • Select the house and click on the update.
    • If we save a lot of animals, then we will improve our homes.

We can use the token to move on to the next level as a token increase its functionality.   

Iron Blade

Iron BladeIron blade mostly moves around you in the seen of the arena full of enemies squad.

Easy to rush to enemies to swing your sword just tap on right side of the screen or change your

Peek to change your target and fire to them if they or away from your destination.

    • Your enemies should more potent than you,
    • But when your enemy near you, a pop-up iconBlinks.
    • The main issue is to peek if you have no control over your camera is the only option to change target in other directions.
    • In any situation, it is right, but you want to kill an enemy that stands behind another enemy.
    • You simply attack them till closer than you.

If you need to get three-star in a short time, keep swapping your weak target also can cause of foul-up of your score


SwordigoSwordigo is a side-scrolling adventure game that includes different features.

Such as jumping, running, swinging their swords, and using magic spells. If Player kills maximum enemies, its rank increase with this.

    • A player can upgrade their attributes.
    • They can buy new features to make them more powerful.
    • The player can from the shop.
    • The Player has a map with him any time that keeps track of the location.
    • and areas where he already visited.
    • Which will help them to backtrack to previous areas,
    • The player character awakens in the middle of the night.
    • He goes out for a walk a man tells him.
    • That his mentor went into the woods but not came
    • After that, he learns the first magic spell.
    • The elemental auto system is practically well and good.
    • There are good puzzles and elements. 

You scour just about every single movement if you want to reach the end of the game, and after that, there will be hidden goodies to help you afford the shiniest gear.

The main thing is that you can play this game on low powered phones and tablets.


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